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Hi, I'm Gabrielle.
I'm a Finance Youtuber.
I'm also a CPA, Tax Expert and
Founder of Balance and Wealth CPA.

I created my channel with the aim to help Young Professionals and Millennials achieve their Money Goals.


After paying off $30,000 in Student Loans and saving up over $100,000 (all while traveling), I purchased my first real estate property in one of the most expensive cities in the world.


I have always been passionate about personal finance and wanted to share my money journey to becoming financially independent.


I'm a designated CPA in both Canada and the US, and worked as a Tax Manager at one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms, advising Global 500 companies.


After 7+ years, I gathered the courage to quit my 9-5 to start my own Tax Firm so I could make an impact in my own way.


My mission is to guide business owners in Canada understand and navigate their business finances, so they can ultimately achieve financial independence too.

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