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Living Life On Your Own Terms

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Are you setting 2023 Money Goals for your New Years Resolution?

I'm giving out 2 FREE TEMPLATES of the updated 2023 Budget & Net Worth Tracker!

All you have to do is to vote in the poll and comment in the post below and I will randomly select winners in the upcoming week :)

With holiday season in full swing, it's also a reminder that 2022 is coming to a close! With 2023 coming up, what are your Money Goals for the new year?

2023 Money Goals

  • Buy a home

  • Emergency Fund

  • Pay off Debt

  • Travel

Live Q&A will be this Sunday (November 13th) at 2PM PST on my Youtube Channel. See you there! In the meantime....

Are you prepared for a Recession?

  • No, I'm worried about my job

  • No, I'm worried about my business

  • Yes, my finances are in order

  • Yes, I see this as an opportunity

Hi everyone! I'm planning to host a live Q&A in the upcoming days and wanted to answer your questions related to PERSONAL & BUSINESS finance. Post your questions below 👇

Gabrielle, CPA
October 18, 2022 · changed the group description.

Let's share our Journey to Financial Freedom, Tips & Tricks, Inevitable Failures, and Encourage Each Other to Live Their Dream Life.


Let's share our Journey to Financial Freedom, Tips & Tricks,...
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