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Get a head start to the New Year 2024 and finally get your finances in order. The updated 2024 template has the following new features:

  • Master Budget - Allows you to update the budget for all months Jan to Dec automatically, as well as the flexibility to update each individual month based on changes to lifestyle or spending
  • Investment Summary - Keep track of your investments across multiple platforms, including initial cost base and market value to calculate the gain/loss on your investments.
  • Income Goals - Plan ahead and manifest income goals based on various income streams, as well as check to see if you are on track based on actual earnings.
  • Monthly & Annual Overview - Provides you a snapshot of whether you are under/over budget, as well as % of savings.
  • Visual Net Worth Tracker - Ability to keep track of your savings/deficits, cash balances in various banks, investment balances, as well as real estate/home equity. Provides a visual summary of your Net Worth through line and bar graphs.
  • [NEW] Expense List with AUTO SUM - You can now select your expense type from a drop down list, customized from your Master Budget. Simply selecting the expense type will add up all similar items, in which the total is automatically calculated and shown in the Budget Overview.
  • [NEW] FUTURE ME - You can now keep track of your actual savings by tracking fund allocations based on your money goals (ie. Emergency Fund, Deposit on a Home, Dream Car, Vacation, Wedding, etc.)

2024 Budget & Net Worth Tracker Template

Excluding GST/HST
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