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A 3 Step Blueprint on how to optimize your Business Finances.
Created for Business Owners by a CPA.

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It's like having access to a CPA 

at your finger tips.

Accounting and tax advice you need to know

as a First Time Business Owner

so you can save TIME and MONEY.



You are over your head on how to set up a proper accounting and tax system as a new business owner.

You're stressed about keeping on top of your books, which prevents you from having key financial insight into your business.

You're overwhelmed with all the tax compliance requirements and scared you will get audited by the CRA.

You're frustrated with scattered information online that just makes everything even more confusing.

You're worried about how to make healthy financial decisions that can make or break your business.


Create a seamless accounting and tax system so you can make informed financial decisions in the best interest of your business.

Identify financial problems even before they become problems, and have the tools and knowledge to solve them.

Avoid interest and penalties by being on top of your tax compliance requirements, and even proactively plan to minimize taxes.

Save countless months and years of wasted time inefficiently trying to figure out things on your own, which will be costlier to fix.

Become confident in your finances and build a business that supports your lifestyle so you can ultimately live life on your own terms.

Who is Path2Profits For

You are Planning to Start a Business but Don't Know What Structures Are Best Suited for You.
First Time
Business Owners
You have a Shoe Box of Receipts and Clueless about What to Do With Them.
Bookkeeping Troubles
You Know You Can Save a Good Chunk of Change on Taxes But Unsure What Expenses are Deductible. 
Tax Payers
to Savers
3 step blueprint

What's Inside the Program

Engaging Content

Accounting doesn't have to be boring. Watch videos, tutorials, live examples - all designed to maximize your learning.


Take the shortcut with checklists, step-by-step guides, templates, and bargain discounts to handy softwares and tools.

Q&A Sessions

Bring your questions to quarterly "office hours" with Gabrielle and other like-minded entrepreneurs.

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Determine the Best
Business Structure
For You

Self-paced | 2 Weeks
Suggested Time: 2 hours/week

Getting your business started on the right foot means you can save thousands of dollars from choosing the best business structure for you.
Step 1 of Path2Profits covers:
  • What business structures are available to Canadian entrepreneurs

  • Reasons Why You Might Pick Each Business Structure

  • Why you might want to incorporate

  • When NOT to incorporate

  • Does it make financial sense to incorporate now

  • How to incorporate


Understand and Manage Your Numbers So You Can Prioritize Profits

Self-paced | 4 Week Program
Suggested Time: 2 hours/week

Understanding your numbers means feeling empowered to make smart financial decisions that grow, not stunt, your business.
Step 2 of Path2Profits covers:
  • How to read and understand financial statements

  • How to interpret your business' performance

  • How to keep on top of your bookkeeping so you are prepared to make critical business decisions

  • How to Prioritize Profit

  • How to analyze your income, expenses, and profit margin


Understand the Tax System & Use It To Your Advantage

Self-paced | 4 Week Program
Suggested Time: 2 hours/week

The Income Tax Act is over 3,200 pages long but the CRA expects you to be on top of your compliance. You don't want to be charged interest and penalties, but you also don't want to pay a $1 more than wh