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A 3 Step Blueprint on how to optimize your Business Finances.
Created for Business Owners by a CPA.

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It's like having access to a CPA 

at your finger tips.

Accounting and tax advice you need to know

as a First Time Business Owner

so you can save TIME and MONEY.



You are over your head on how to set up a proper accounting and tax system as a new business owner.

You're stressed about keeping on top of your books, which prevents you from having key financial insight into your business.

You're overwhelmed with all the tax compliance requirements and scared you will get audited by the CRA.

You're frustrated with scattered information online that just makes everything even more confusing.

You're worried about how to make healthy financial decisions that can make or break your business.


Create a seamless accounting and tax system so you can make informed financial decisions in the best interest of your business.

Identify financial problems even before they become problems, and have the tools and knowledge to solve them.

Avoid interest and penalties by being on top of your tax compliance requirements, and even proactively plan to minimize taxes.

Save countless months and years of wasted time inefficiently trying to figure out things on your own, which will be costlier to fix.

Become confident in your finances and build a business that supports your lifestyle so you can ultimately live life on your own terms.

Who is Path2Profits For

You are Planning to Start a Business but Don't Know What Structures Are Best Suited for You.
First Time
Business Owners
You have a Shoe Box of Receipts and Clueless about What to Do With Them.
Bookkeeping Troubles
You Know You Can Save a Good Chunk of Change on Taxes But Unsure What Expenses are Deductible. 
Tax Payers
to Savers
3 step blueprint

What's Inside the Program

Engaging Content

Accounting doesn't have to be boring. Watch videos, tutorials, live examples - all designed to maximize your learning.


Take the shortcut with checklists, step-by-step guides, templates, and bargain discounts to handy softwares and tools.

Q&A Sessions

Bring your questions to quarterly "office hours" with Gabrielle and other like-minded entrepreneurs.

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Get a Sneak Peek!




Self-paced | 2 Weeks
Suggested Time: 2 hours/week

By choosing the right business structure, you can save thousands of dollars and set your business on the path to success.

Step 1 of Path2Profits includes:

  • Business Structures: Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different business structures for Canadian entrepreneurs, helping you make the right choice.

  • Incorporation Insights: Learn about the benefits and optimal timing for incorporating your business, as well as important considerations.

  • Financial Analysis: Evaluate the financial feasibility of incorporation and gain insights into the process.

  • Practical Templates: Access the Tax Savings/Cost from Incorporation Template and the 2023 Budget & Net Worth Tracker for effective financial management.

  • Step-by-Step Tutorials: Learn how to calculate tax savings/costs from incorporation and navigate the registration process for sole proprietorship and corporation.



Self-paced | 4 Week Program
Suggested Time: 2 hours/week

Take control of your business finances by gaining the essential skills and tools you need to ensure accurate bookkeeping, make informed financial decisions, and optimize your cash flow effortlessly.


Step 2 of the Path2Profits program includes:

  • Financial Statement Mastery: Understand the essentials of financial statements, including the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement.

  • DIY Bookkeeping Expertise: Learn how to do your own bookkeeping for your business, ensuring accuracy and maintaining control over your financial records.

  • Informed Decision-Making: Discover how to interpret your business's income, expenses, and profit margin to make strategic decisions that drive growth.

  • Cash Flow Management Strategies: Master effective cash flow management techniques to increase profitability and maintain financial stability.

  • Automated Bookkeeping: Utilize our updated Bookkeeping Excel Template, designed to automatically track your Income and Expenses by category, making it perfect for beginners.

  • Bookkeeping Resources: Ensure compliance, assess profitability, and gain confidence with our dedicated templates and checklist. From the Profitability Assessment to the Bookkeeping Best Practices Checklist, we have you covered. Plus, get step-by-step guidance and QuickBooks expertise with our tutorials.



Self-paced | 4 Week Program
Suggested Time: 2 hours/week

Don't let the overwhelming 3,200-page Income Tax Act hold you back. Stay compliant with the CRA's expectations and protect yourself from unnecessary interest and penalties.
Step 3 of Path2Profits equips you with the knowledge and tools to confidently manage your tax obligations. Explore the following essential topics:
  • Ensure Compliance and Avoid Penalties: Stay on top of your tax obligations and avoid costly penalties.

  • Maximize Tax Savings: Calculate your tax impact accurately and minimize your tax bill.

  • Optimize Deductions: Discover profitable write-offs and deductions to reduce your tax liability.

  • Strategic Tax Planning: Learn advanced strategies for making optimal financial decisions.

  • Save on Lawyer Fees: Bonus tips for ON & BC: Save on lawyer fees with DIY annual forms.

  • Convenient Tax Resources: Access helpful templates and checklists for easy tax management.

Become your own CFO

If you never had training in finance, accounting, or tax, it can all seem so overwhelming.

Instead of feeling stressed, burnt out, and over your head, 
get the help you've been looking for.


Prior to starting my own business, I was a Tax Manager at a Big 4 Accounting Firm, working with Global 500 companies.

After working 7+ years, I gathered the courage to quit my 9-5 to start my own Tax Practice so I could make an impact in my own way.


After consulting several businesses in Canada through my Accounting and Tax Firm, I understood the common issues and struggles business owners faced. I decided to create an online program to make it easier for entrepreneurs to get educated on accounting and tax fundamentals.

I'm Gabrielle. I'm a CPA,
Tax Expert, and Founder of Balance and Wealth CPA


In 2022 alone, Gabrielle helped her clients

Social Media Influencer

Saved over $20K in taxes in 2021 by incorporating compared to the previous year

Crypto Investor

Saved over $45K in taxes for 2022 just from a 30 minute Tax Consulting Session

IT Consultant

Tax Consulting for multiple jurisdictions resulted in saving over $63K in taxes for 2022

What Our Clients Say

Madeleine Hamada
Founder of Movement Arts Therapy

"No one can tell you what you don’t know, and it’s always a confidence booster to learn those lessons through Gabrielle’s Path2Profit’s course.


My business plans have changed for the better since taking the course and through meetings with Gabrielle around creating better awareness and clarity in my books.


P2P was succinct in information, easy to follow, and quick to come back to topics that were of greater importance through its navigation system based on what was important to me and my business at the time.


The templates are key and Gabrielle gives several options on how to progress from the basics as your business evolves, I’m pretty excited to feel just that bit more educated in my finances and I look forward to this continuous process of building and witnessing my business grow."


  • The 3 Step Blueprint

    Valid for 12 months

Is Path2Profits Right for You?

An Online and/or Service Based Business in Canada (perfect for consultants, content creators, and coaches!)

Serious about results and want to learn the fundamentals of business finance so you can apply them to your business and reap the rewards for years to come

Looking for guidance through an online virtual program

This IS for you if you are...

This is NOT for you if you are...

A product based business 

NOT based in Canada

Unwilling to follow the curriculum and don't work well within a self-paced environment

Proficient in accounting and tax (you won't need Path2Profits since you already have the knowledge we provide!)
  • What provinces/territories are Path2Profits available for?
    The program is open to all provinces and territories in Canada, and all the skills/concepts are transferrable. However, please note that there is a specific focus on BC and ON (ie. provincial tax rates examples). Federal tax rates would apply to all provinces and territories in Canada.
  • Is this program a tax write-off for businesses?
    Absolutely :)
  • What is the difference between a bookkeeper, accountant, CPA, and CFO?
    A bookkeeper only has training to keep your books in order. An accountant has various skills to manage a business' finances through some form of training, but might not necessarily be designated. Note that not all accountants are qualified as CPAs. A CPA stands for a Chartered Professional Accountant and is part of the national accounting organization, which is recognized globally. A CPA has completed a rigorous curriculum, a 3 day national exam, and at least 30 months of work experience at a recognized accounting firm in order to obtain their designation. Note that due to the various specializations that fall under the realm of a CPA (ie. audit, management accounting, financial reporting, tax, etc.), not all CPAs have knowledge nor specialize in tax. A CFO is a seasoned financial expert with many years of experience under their belt. CFOs usually have a CPA designation and/or a MBA, with 10 to 30 years of experience working with businesses. A CFO has the responsibility of managing the company's financial goals, operations and strategy.
  • What does the "suggested time" mean?
    It's referring to your time commitment per week, which includes the self-learning component as well as time spent putting things in action. The full curriculum is provided upfront, so you are more than welcome to whiz through the program at any time!
  • Will I get time with Gabrielle inside the Program?
    Yes, there will be quarterly group Q&A sessions you can take part in.
  • How much time is provided for me to complete the Path2Profits Program?
    The virtual learning component is self-paced with suggested time provided to complete them. Due to the nature of changing legislation, and in order to maximize your experience, learning, and results - the program is available for a 1 year period, including Q&A Sessions.
  • Why should I take the program vs. hire an accountant?
    My recommendation as a CPA is that every business owner should at least understand the fundamentals of your business finances. This way, you are equipped with the skills to manage the financial health of your business at anytime. When you are starting out, the program is designed to give you all the essential skills to set up your business structure, keep your books in order, and plan for your taxes. This alone will help you save costs when full services provided by an accountant for all of these things can cost anywhere from $5 to $7k per year for small businesses. One thing you probably still need to outsource are your tax returns once a year (note that tax preparers may not be actively engaged in helping you minimize your taxes, rather, just simply report the numbers you give them). However, as you grow and scale, I don't believe it's necessary for you to be as involved in the details. In this case, you can afford to outsource an accountant to help you with your overall finances. The important part is that you UNDERSTAND what the accountant brings to you to sign off on as the CEO. In addition, it's an important skillset to know what numbers to look out for, ask appropriate questions when something doesn't seem right, and use the financial data to better plan for the business' future growth.
  • What's the refund policy?
    If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, contact within the first 14 days of enrollment for a full refund no questions asked.
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